Op dit blog laat ik scrapbooklayouts zien die ik maakte als design-team-lid voor Dutch Dares, voor het tijdschrift Scrapbookmagazine en een hobbywinkel. Sinds 2010 ontwerp ik deze digitaal.
Ook vind je hier persoonlijke huis-tuin-keuken blogposts, links naar reisblogs en ons team Piece of Cake blog.
Ben je op zoek naar mijn online onderneming met betrekking tot handmatig schrijven binnen het gezin om kinderen te leren hun gedachten goed onder woorden te laten brengen?
Dan verwijs ik je graag naar moniquehelfrich.nl

maandag 29 oktober 2007


Astrid (my best friend) & me. Scrap-Club November Kit layout.

I've been tagged (twice) by Tamara.
First I was tagged to tell 6-8 facts I'm thankful for:

1. I'm thankful for being born in the Netherlands; small in surface but huge in opportunities and freedom.
2. Being a child of my beloved mom & dad and our relatives who give me so much love and self-confidence.
3. Growing up in the best surroundings a child needs; full of other children, playgrounds with sand, water, bushes, grass, animals, the beach, the wood ánd the city Alkmaar.
4. For having enough brains to learn in an easy way so there was time left to have lots of fun at school ;) and beside school; man did I party!!!!
5. For being healthy and given the possibility to do different kind of sports.
6. For the good friends I met by all those sports and who still give me comfort every time we meet.
7. For having a wonderful sister; always good to have you around Yvonne!
8. For my darling Erik, Wouter and Ivo. Can't live without you! Love our family!
9. For giving the possibilities to travel with our family and which journey's inspired me so much!
10. To live in a comfortable house in a small street with best neighbours you can imagine!
11. To have had the jobs I wanted but to be a lucky girl to have the chance to stay home now
and to do voluntary work.
12. For discovering and developing myself in the best hobby ever; scrapbooking...

Oh... 6-8 facts.... oops.... In fact I'm thankful for everything and everyone that crossed my path untill now...

2 opmerkingen:

Aline zei

What a beautiful layout!! :)

Love reading the list, have a great day!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

whahahahaha! leuk om te lezen hoor Monique! en je LO is weer helemaal toppie! groetjes marije.


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